Very sorry, but St Annes is now closed for ever. All we can do is to suggest that you might enjoy a stay at Dolcoed Camping, Caravan. This is a fairly new naturist site in Carmathenshire. SA39 9DH. Some of our customers have been there and they described as a lovely place to stay.
The web site is

Map to St Annes Campsite Camping Fees

With effect from 30th March (Good Friday 2018)
Caravan and awning
£15.00 per night
(One family per unit)
Additional adults £5.50 per night each
Electric hook-up £3.00 per night
(when available)

Awning Groundsheet £1.00 per night

Pup Tent with caravan £1.00 per night

Camper vans as per caravans

Tent (one family per unit) £15.00 per night
(no groundsheet charge)
Electric hook-up £3.00 per night May to Aug
(when available)

Additional adults £5.50 per night each

Additional cars £1.75 per night

Day visitors £10.00 single or couple

  • A family is up to two adults and children up to 16 years.
  • Children over 16 years are classed as adults
  • Minimum weekend stay is two night's camping fees
  • Minimum Bank Holiday stay is three night's camping fees


Chemical toilets containing "Blue" products cannot be emptied on site because it will kill all of the bacteria in the disposal system. Green waste chemical is the alternative and works well.